I am Not Alone

When I was thinking over the topic for today’s blog, I kept trying to go back to a time period of when things were tough for me. I wanted to write something like, “back when things were really tough for me, like about five years ago…”, however, the time frame wasn’t working for me. So I kept thinking to myself of when the “tough times were”, and it’s then that I realized that the “tough times” have been more than a few days, a few weeks or a few years and more like a few rough decades!

Which brings me to the topic on my mind today. My brother would call and check up on me to ask how things were going for me. I would always tell him that things were going “okay”. But he was smarter than that. He knew that I was single and struggling. I had one challenge after another. Between failed jobs, relationships, homelessness, health issues and a ton of other “challenges” that came up, I was always struggling. It’s been one thing after another, just to survive for the last two decades.

My brother would always say to me, ” Yes, you are alone, but you are not alone”. Depending on my mood at the time, I would do one of several things. I would agree or I would roll my eyes. Or sometimes I would say with true conviction, that things would get better soon. I didn’t want him worrying about me or my situation.

I loved my brother. He was a good man. He had a huge heart. He called to encourage me. He called to support me. He sent me money. He sent me presents. He did countless act of kindness. He truly loved me with all of his heart and soul.

I knew why he was calling and texting me. He wanted to reassure me, to let me know that in my darkest hours, that I was not alone. He wanted me to know that yes, I was “alone” as in I was single and I was trying to make it on my own in this big world.He wanted me to know that my kids, although they live out of the house now, that they loved me. He wanted me to know that although most of my family and support system lived out-of-town, that they loved me, too.  But what he was telling me without being specific in words, is that I was not “alone” because God is always with me.

I have been a student of The Course of Miracles and also a student of metaphysics for the last two decades. I have attended some type of church since I was a preschooler. I have been reading The Bible since I was seven years old. I believe there is a God, a Higher Power or a Divine Intelligence greater than myself. So, for my brother to constantly feel the need to let me know that I was not “alone”, caused me to feel a sort of emotional discomfort. But I shrugged off my discomfort because I knew that his concern was genuine. I knew he wanted to help me fight off my struggles but just couldn’t do it at the moment, but that he was praying for me.

Over the last few weeks, I kept hearing those same words in my mind. I really dug deep and prayed as to the reason why I am hearing those words throughout my day. What I finally felt Spirit was wanting me to know is that even though my brother has made his transition and is no longer calling or texting me, is that I am not alone.

I sense that my brother knows that I miss him so much. I figure he knows that I do feel alone right now. I miss those calls from him. I miss those texts from him. I miss his encouragement. When I published my first book, I so wanted to share my good news with him. He was always pushing me to live my dreams. He wanted me to pursue joy, happiness and love. He didn’t want me to be alone. He wanted me to be loved and would have done anything in his power for that to happen for me.

What I realized today…because I couldn’t get those words out of my mind again…”Yes, you are alone, but you aren’t alone”…is that he is still “here” with me in Spirit.  I know my brother is just a prayer away. He is just a thought away. And that he is stilling loving me and wanting the best for me. I know that I am not alone because I am one with the Father, the Divine.

Like my brother, I know my God is just a prayer away, a thought away. In fact, I know my God lives within me, as Jesus taught. The Spirit of God dwells within me. And even when my ego runs wild with negative thoughts of feeling separate from God, my Spirit knows this is untrue. I am one with the Father, and the Father is one with me. We are never alone. My brother taught me well. I may be alone, but I am never alone.

“The Father and I are one.” John 10:30