I am grateful knowing that I take my next breath effortlessly…

To breathe is a sacred act. And yet, we take the simple act of breathing for granted. As I was pondering on what to write on the word, “sacred”, I was drawn into a peaceful state. I then let out a very loud and long sigh. It was then I realized that the beauty and the simple ease of breathing are in itself sacred. I have never smoked cigarettes, and I have no health issues. How grateful I am that I so carelessly and thoughtlessly breathe.

Not everyone is as fortunate as I am. Many people have to fight for their next breath. Many people are on life-saving breathing machines. Oh, how they dream of the day when they can breathe air, fresh or even stale air. To smell and breathe in the beauty of a new morning or a freshly prepared meal in themselves are gifts to be treasured.

Life is sacred. We can look around the very room that we are in, reading this and see all that is sacred to us on an individual basis. Most of us would say that their relationship with The Divine is sacred. We would say that our relationship with our partners, family, and friends are sacred. We would say time spent in nature is sacred.  And of course, we all love our pets!

God created all things, visible as our beloveds, as well as the invisible, such as our breathing. Today, let’s honor all the sacred things that we hold dear and love in prayer. Breathing is sacred. Deep breath!  Now smile!

“For in him all things in heaven and on earth were created, things visible and invisible. Colossians 1:16

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