It’s You, It’s Yours – Wedding Poem

It’s You, It’s Yours


As you begin your new life together,

see the seagulls fly-

high above our heads

so, may your dreams soar!


See how the water ripples

across the ocean,

so may your smiles and laughter continue

with a simple glance only the two of you understand!


Jeremy, you always hoped to find someone special

to share your life with, a true love to treasure.

God brought you together at Texas Tech-

We knew that a beautiful and smart girl

would fall in love with a handsome young man like you!


Caitlin, as a little girl, you dreamed of your soulmate,

the young man that God was preparing for you to marry one day

who knew you would meet him in the land of tumbleweeds and cowboys!

Alas, dreams do come true,

 The bond you two share, is way over the moon!


Family, friends and God are just an anchor away,

if vast winds and high tides

test your strength and patience,

but worry not

your solid knot will hold strong!


United, standing on Holy Ground,

we embrace this sacred space

hand in hand, soul to soul,

as you exchange your wedding vows.

The light from your hearts shines

bright for us all to share.

Husband and wife, it’s you

True love, it’s yours.

Sail on, sail on…Soul Mates,

May the celebration begin!


For Jeremy and Caitlin Deis

On Your Wedding Day

April 29, 2017

Kimberly Molyneaux

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