We Stand Together

We Stand Together


When I fall

you stand strong

lifting me tall.

When I am weak

it’s you, you are the one

who I seek out

for the answers,

I can’t seem to grasp.

I know you may wonder

but across your lips never utter,

as to why I am your birth mother.

All the emotions I have tried to bury

at times are strung along the walls.

Oh, you know my soul is strong

and full of amazing things,

but my path thus far

has been filled with painful scars.

Yet happy memories surface,

 living full and well,

as are the news ones created and shared each new day.

Beauty, is still what you see

when I am wearing my protective mask.

Like the saying says, “I love you to the moon and back”,

and I am quite sure,

in another lifetime shared,

Our paths have crisscrossed, a definite fact.

And I was the one who had your back,

who shared your laughter,

who held you through fears and moans

of life’s sticks and stones.

I stood by you.

You stood by me.

“It’s what you do”, you like to say.

We never really fail

We never really fall.

We have learned to smile.

We have expressed our sorrows,

shared the love we have never lacked.

As we continue to walk these earth school miles,

We stand tall.

We stand together.

Through it all. 


Kimberly Molyneaux
To My Son, Jacob William Deis

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