Jesus Holding Teen girl black and white

Oh Lord, I am not sure today

If I can get off the floor

I am so exhausted

I just can’t take more…


Fallen into this big mess

I can do nothing

But let my body rest

I am so sore…

I want these walls

To surround me

To hold me tight

Shelter me from loss.


The young child inside of me

Is reaching out to you, Lord

Please set her free

She begs to be redeemed.


Surrendering…searching for the “I Am That”

The child, the woman…in her heart knows

She is not losing to the world of illusions

She doesn’t need “saving” fast.


It may look dark now, but I remember,

I am as God created me, perfect

I am not flawed, I am strong, and yes,

I still have some false beliefs to release.


I know I am not alone

I am the child, I am the woman on the floor.

You are right here with me, holding my hand

Lord, that’s all I know for sure today.