I know what Grief feels like.
It swallows up One’s soul,
zig-zags across the heart chambers
crushing and biting along Its path,
spitting every last bit of shattered dream that was choked,
throttled in the breath of air, in the fears, in the tears,
finally, to spring out on the other side of the soul,
that was full of debris and smoke.

Yes, Grief is a life-force,
all of Its own,
gripping us in a fall
that at the time seems so great, so forceful,
that we can’t rise up, to take hold,
to breathe again,
But we do.

Forever changing us, once It is on the other side
We know the fading dream can now never be.
Cry, weep those million and one tears.
We have all earned that right.
The light will shine again, My Friend.

The promise of a new day will bring closure.
So hold tight for tomorrow or
perhaps, another tomorrow,
to your suffering heart of
the passing dreams of yesterday.

New beginnings.
Joy, again will fill your soul
and your heart chambers so full.
No longer will despair grip nor tear,
for, at last, Grief will be put away.
Its purpose revealed.
It has cleansed you…
the healing of your wounds has begun,
soon, you will feel whole again.

Kimberly Molyneaux

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