Heartbroken Over Stuff

Don’t tell me “It’s Just Stuff”!

Or “It doesn’t matter anymore”!


It matters because it’s my stuff!

You can’t see how it broke me to lose

this part of the game.

I must admit to myself, to you.

I am heartbroken.

I am taking ownership.

It’s my life. It’s my loss.

It’s my cross to bear.

I know the heartsick feeling of pain,

knowing there is no going back from a decision.

I know the deep gut feeling of betrayal.

I am heartbroken, but I am not broken.

It’s just stuff after all.  Yeah, right.


Kimberly Molyneaux


It’s been a rough 19 months since I lost everything I owned except for a couple items, a few clothes, and shoes. What few things I have left I want to keep and am struggling to keep. I am still trying to figure out how to get my belongings to me now.

People keep telling me to “forget it” because it’s “just stuff”.

So I wrote this for the critics. For those that have shown me no compassion, shame on you. So I couldn’t keep up with your expectations, so what. I did my very best even though it wasn’t good enough for you all. I almost died from trying to please some folks and because I wanted to keep my belongings.

So here I am on the other side of starting over. AGAIN. I survived. I know that “it’s just stuff” but it was MY STUFF. It’s personal when it’s happening to YOU! I pray it never does.


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