Freshwater Cleansing

Freshwater fell

from gray clouds

rushing my mind

pushing my senses

back to a summer day

of long ago.

Oh, how sweet

the fragrance is today.

Storms of white hail

are replaced by still awe.

Age has rekindled

an appreciation

of simpler times,

Welcoming a spiritual cleansing

relishing in a drenching rain.


Kimberly Molyneaux

Today would have been my Dad’s (Robert E. Williams, Sr.) birthday. I would like to think of him spending his birthday fishing on a beautiful Spring day! A little rain never bummed a true fisherman like he was! LOL

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD! I sure miss you! I love you!

This poem is in my book, Reaching for Brass Rings and it’s available on Amazon or B &N online! Thank you for your support.

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