Spring Holiday

With fondness, folks love to say, “sweet smell of tides”

when reminiscing of their time spent on the Jersey boardwalk.

They tell of how the waves billowed

then carried in the cool sand and water beneath their feet.

I too, recall our steaming hot Spring Holiday,

the waves, the salty breezes…

the seagulls, the sand dunes.

And, oh so much laughter,

when we lazily spent the day sipping spirits,

searching for the perfect seashells,

and holding on, oh, so tight into another night.

We recall the magnificent endless sunset,

holding hands and walking barefoot.


On that Spring holiday,

secrets and sacred kisses were shared,

and smiles as big as the waves,

rising up from the ocean floor, and

meeting the backdrops of the endless blue skies

keeps us longing for that special time again.


Yeah, folks like us, love to recall the “sweet smell of tides”.


Kimberly Molyneaux


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