Believing In Us

Don’t you know I stay

because I love you?

I have been holding on tight

trying not to crumble,

waiting for you to look into my eyes,

see that I am still praying for our dreams

that we once believed in.

What I would do to repair it

and spare one more tear!

Don’t you know I still love us?

We may be broken but I still have hope, that

my love for you is enough

to heal us back together.

Look into my eyes.

Tell me you see my life of devotion to you, to us,

Tell me you see that I still believe in our dreams.

The question is, “do you”?


Kimberly Molyneaux



The above poem came out of “nowhere”. It just came.  I didn’t write it, it wrote to me. I just put I  down the words. I do know what it feels like to love someone and no longer be loved. It really hurts!  God knows I have stopped loving someone in my past just as someone stopped loving me. Lessons learned. If I am lucky to find love again or if love finds me, as well as passion and devotion, I will be sure to hold on to it!


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