A Thought Away

Dear Son, 

I hope you are pleased to hear from me. 

God has many helpers to assist with tasks such as this. 

I am writing to let you know, 

I heard your thoughts of me today, 

and to let you know that I am doing well! 

What a reunion, your Mom and I have had! 

Loved ones too, welcomed me to the Magnificent Heavens. 

Young pups again, Sandy and Scout give a bark out to you! 

I know you miss me; I hear your prayers.

I am riding along beside you, holding your hand

when you drive by St. Anne’s,  

reminiscing of when I served at mass.

I know you miss my smile; the times we dined,  

my Veteran stories and most of all, my friendship. 

You are a strong and kind man and a loving dad. 

I see from here, the long hours you still continue to work, 

as well as the quality time you spend with family. 

I am so proud of you!

In case I didn’t let you know enough 

I love you, Son! 

Never forget, there is not a day that goes by that

I am not thinking of you!

I am just a thought away… 

Love, Dad 


For Jay 

Kimberly Molyneaux   


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