A  Warrior’s Journey

A year ago, my cellular phone rang.

I know where I was standing when

he shared his devastating news.

The results were in; analyzed

more than twice by the pros.

No time to stall or rush,

time just froze.

I could hear the disbelief,

when he hoarsely spoke,

“A rare cancer, “ACC”, was the diagnosis”.

In a room full of strangers, was I,

when my throat closed and knees buckled,

shaking hands covered my face,

releasing the tears to cup, then fall.

collapsing into the arms of an angel,

a kind compassionate stranger held me,

until time resumed again.

A possible fearful life event that we all shun,

but hear I did, my beloved son was sick.

Compassion and grief saturated my heart,

traveling a thousand miles plus, through telephone wires,

to envelop and take hold of this young man,

whom I love more than words or deeds

will ever express; my love for him runs lake deep.

To trade places impossible, but if I could,

as I think, all Mothers would.

Please Lord, spare him more disappointment and pain

and a miraculous healing instead, I prayed.

This is his journey after all,

a future “neck breather”,

I prayed not, but regardless,

I will be by his side,

to comfort and stand tall

should he need to see or feel the devotion

from his Mother’s love-filled eyes.

Suited up in bravery, he fought,

witty humor still intact,

armored in positivity,

struggling through a year of uncertainty,

he blogged and shared his stepping stones.

Broken hearts now restored,

blood tests and scans reveal,

this Mother’s prayers have been answered,

today, my son, an “ACC Warrior”,

courageously kicked the “Big C’s” Ass!

Kimberly Molyneaux

For My Son, Jeremy Frederick, An ACC Warrior

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