Second Winter

Recently, I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep. These words below kept coming to me. The whole world is in a state of confusion due to the COVID19 virus. I guess on a subconscious level, I needed comfort.

At first, I thought the words that were coming to me were for my kids. My kids, all adults now, are all so busy building their lives, I worry about them going so fast.

While still asleep in bed, in the dark, I texted the recurring words to myself.  A few days later, saw my text! I had forgotten! I pondered a bit then wrote the poem below. The words came to me effortlessly. This poem was definitely written by the Divine.

What I realize is that I indeed was “hearing” a parent’s voice, but it was the “Almighty Parent”!   He knew my fear at the moment, this fearful virus called “COVID19”! He knew my fear for my kids and family!  And since “He”, is my “parent”, the message was for me too.

This “social distancing” and a new way of normal for conducting our lives, to me, feels like we are going through a “second winter”.  We just went through the winter season, and just as we were welcoming Spring, the Corona Virus hit us! Suddenly, we were told to stay home, work remotely if possible; schools, restaurants, the goverment…on and on the list goes on of all the businesses that closed down. It surely felt like one hell of a snowstorm came through!  Things, people, and places got quiet. We as a world became dormant. Well, except for “essential workers”!  Thus, the name of the poem.

Now, as I write this blog, on April 21, 2020, we are told that the “stay at home” restrictions will soon be lifted. Slowly at first, but eventually, the world will operate fully again. Yes, there may be a new “normal”, a new awareness perhaps, a higher level of consciousness and many lessons learned to prevent another virus from paralyzing our human race, economy, our individual lives and not to mention the many that have sadly and unfortunately became sick. Let us remember that at least 177,688 people worldwide have died, since January 23, 2020. (

Perhaps,  you found this page and poem, because you needed to read these words, too.  May you find comfort and peace during this difficult time in our history as a collective human race.  Namaste.

Second Winter

Slow down child,

a second winter is coming

there’s healing going on!

Calendars show Spring is here.

Birds chirping; skies welcoming light

but there’s darkness brewing, chaos lurking.

Ah, child, there’s no need to worry,

please stop being in such a hurry!

I have My hand on your shoulder.

Save for another day

you’re going to need it,

listen to what I have to say.

This is not meant to scare you.

Now is the time to look around

and see grace abound.

I am here to guide you, ease your fears.

There is no reason for your tears.

The discomfort that you feel serves a purpose.

Slow down Holy One

All the confusion swirling in your head

is far less than the love that lies ahead.

Trust in the Truths within your heart.

Time to release false beliefs.

Love is spreading throughout the world

Let it all go. Breathe.

For every soul, there is a reason

every breathing thing there is a season

a second winter needed

there’s healing going on!

Kimberly Molyneaux


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