Pain Body

Go ahead, sit in your pain.

Let the pain consume you from your head to your toes.

Let it flow until it consumes your entire being,

because it already has.

Your thoughts tell you to run from it all.

Just stop. Completely fall.

Let the tears continue to pour.

Let the hurt ooze throughout your veins.

Let every teardrop tell its own sad story.

These tears will set you free.

Not right now. Not today.

Maybe not for many tomorrows.

In time, your mind and broken heart,

will meet up with your soul to feel complete.

You will never move on, but you will move forward,

one agonizing second at a time. Breathe.

Just sit in your thoughts,

until there are no thoughts.

Just meet your pain body

right where you are. Right now.

Let the cleansing tears drench the floor.

Let your pain consume you from your head to your toes.

Because right now, in this moment,

this is what you are. Pain body.

Kimberly Molyneaux

Update On My First Book

“Supporters ” have asked for an update on my first book to be published! Well…there is more to writing and publishing a book than I had realized! I am doing this project mostly without any “support”, meaning I am a fish out of water! HAHA

The good news is that I am learning a lot about “how to” and a whole lot about myself!  The material in the book is heart-wrenching, I must admit.

I have a great editor and an illustrator on board now. I am almost finished rewriting and compiling. The next parts are to finish the editing, put the art work in place and submit to the publisher.

Look for a May 2016 release date!

Thank you all!!