My mom feared that she would die alone. She often would say that she didn’t want to die alone. She was very adamant that she didn’t want to have a pauper’s funeral, as it’s called.She explained that a pauper’s funeral occurs when a person is too poor to have a proper funeral, the local welfare department would bury that person in a cardboard box. She feared that bugs that crawl over her head.I assured her that she would not die alone. She feared I would die alone, too.She would constantly ask me if I met anyone new. I would always say, “No Mom”.But again, she would urge me to meet somebody because she was afraid I would meet her fate.But again, I assured her she would not die alone or have a welfare funeral or be left alone in a pauper cardboard box nor would I.Not too long before she died she asked that she be cremated.She said she would rather be burned alive or burned dead then have bugs crawling on her head.I reassured her again that I would never let that happen.She begged that I would not let her die alone.But in the end. I could not be with her when she met her death.Nor my any of my siblings.She died alone with a stranger sitting next to her bed.And ultimately she was cremated so she would not have bugs crawling on her head.I could not promise her that I would not succumb to her fate.All I I can now say to her is that I am sorry that I was too late.