Baby Cooper Sunshine

Just as your Mommy is to me

you are a burst of sunshine to my heart.

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree

when God gave us you.

You graced us with your birth

that Indian Summer day and

our lives have not been the same.

Your giggles and wiggles bring us

so much joy watching you grow.

Oh, so fast! Please slow down!

I want to hug you as long as possible

because every time I look into

your big baby blue eyes,

you tug at my heartstrings,

filling my soul with love,

bringing me a ray of sunshine

just as your Mommy did

before you came to be!


For Cooper Frederick

Kimberly Molyneaux


Spring Holiday

With fondness, folks love to say, “sweet smell of tides”

when reminiscing of their time spent on the Jersey boardwalk.

They tell of how the waves billowed

then carried in the cool sand and water beneath their feet.

I too, recall our steaming hot Spring Holiday,

the waves, the salty breezes…

the seagulls, the sand dunes.

And, oh so much laughter,

when we lazily spent the day sipping spirits,

searching for the perfect seashells,

and holding on, oh, so tight into another night.

We recall the magnificent endless sunset,

holding hands and walking barefoot.


On that Spring holiday,

secrets and sacred kisses were shared,

and smiles as big as the waves,

rising up from the ocean floor, and

meeting the backdrops of the endless blue skies

keeps us longing for that special time again.


Yeah, folks like us, love to recall the “sweet smell of tides”.


Kimberly Molyneaux


The Commute

The bus ride takes two hours.

It’s a long time. By car, it would

be a 20-minute commute at most.

But she does it with anticipation

to reach her destiny.

Up and down the beautiful landscape,

snowcaps can be seen high on the hilltops.

Departing the city bus walks up those hills.

Her feet ache, but no matter.

Every minute is worth every ouch

because she knows that when her Mom opens the door

they will smile and share hugs.

And she will be looking into

the most beautiful blue eyes

she has ever seen.

The commute was worth every minute

to share time with her beloved.


For My Mom

Kimberly Molyneaux



Freshwater Cleansing

Freshwater fell

from gray clouds

rushing my mind

pushing my senses

back to a summer day

of long ago.

Oh, how sweet

the fragrance is today.

Storms of white hail

are replaced by still awe.

Age has rekindled

an appreciation

of simpler times,

Welcoming a spiritual cleansing

relishing in a drenching rain.


Kimberly Molyneaux

Today would have been my Dad’s (Robert E. Williams, Sr.) birthday. I would like to think of him spending his birthday fishing on a beautiful Spring day! A little rain never bummed a true fisherman like he was! LOL

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD! I sure miss you! I love you!

This poem is in my book, Reaching for Brass Rings and it’s available on Amazon or B &N online! Thank you for your support.

Sweet Baby Zane

There goes my heartbeat racing off to see you again!

I’d climb every Colorado Mountain

just to be with you sweet baby boy.

I’d swim in any body of water,

from here to there

searching out a lighthouse

to bring me ashore.

No matter what it took,

every breath I breathed,

every hour, every day

to hear your infectious giggles,

see  your smile light up

 the rooms of my heart.

No distance is too far

to see those big blue eyes,

to hold you again,

to not to have to love you from afar

to kiss your dimples,

cradle you, oh so tight,

because that’s what Grannies do!


For Zane William

Kimberly Molyneaux


Heartbroken Over Stuff

Don’t tell me “It’s Just Stuff”!

Or “It doesn’t matter anymore”!


It matters because it’s my stuff!

You can’t see how it broke me to lose

this part of the game.

I must admit to myself, to you.

I am heartbroken.

I am taking ownership.

It’s my life. It’s my loss.

It’s my cross to bear.

I know the heartsick feeling of pain,

knowing there is no going back from a decision.

I know the deep gut feeling of betrayal.

I am heartbroken, but I am not broken.

It’s just stuff after all.  Yeah, right.


Kimberly Molyneaux


It’s been a rough 19 months since I lost everything I owned except for a couple items, a few clothes, and shoes. What few things I have left I want to keep and am struggling to keep. I am still trying to figure out how to get my belongings to me now.

People keep telling me to “forget it” because it’s “just stuff”.

So I wrote this for the critics. For those that have shown me no compassion, shame on you. So I couldn’t keep up with your expectations, so what. I did my very best even though it wasn’t good enough for you all. I almost died from trying to please some folks and because I wanted to keep my belongings.

So here I am on the other side of starting over. AGAIN. I survived. I know that “it’s just stuff” but it was MY STUFF. It’s personal when it’s happening to YOU! I pray it never does.



I know what Grief feels like.
It swallows up One’s soul,
zig-zags across the heart chambers
crushing and biting along Its path,
spitting every last bit of shattered dream that was choked,
throttled in the breath of air, in the fears, in the tears,
finally, to spring out on the other side of the soul,
that was full of debris and smoke.

Yes, Grief is a life-force,
all of Its own,
gripping us in a fall
that at the time seems so great, so forceful,
that we can’t rise up, to take hold,
to breathe again,
But we do.

Forever changing us, once It is on the other side
We know the fading dream can now never be.
Cry, weep those million and one tears.
We have all earned that right.
The light will shine again, My Friend.

The promise of a new day will bring closure.
So hold tight for tomorrow or
perhaps, another tomorrow,
to your suffering heart of
the passing dreams of yesterday.

New beginnings.
Joy, again will fill your soul
and your heart chambers so full.
No longer will despair grip nor tear,
for, at last, Grief will be put away.
Its purpose revealed.
It has cleansed you…
the healing of your wounds has begun,
soon, you will feel whole again.

Kimberly Molyneaux


Jesus Holding Teen girl black and white

Oh Lord, I am not sure today

If I can get off the floor

I am so exhausted

I just can’t take more…


Fallen into this big mess

I can do nothing

But let my body rest

I am so sore…

I want these walls

To surround me

To hold me tight

Shelter me from loss.


The young child inside of me

Is reaching out to you, Lord

Please set her free

She begs to be redeemed.


Surrendering…searching for the “I Am That”

The child, the woman…in her heart knows

She is not losing to the world of illusions

She doesn’t need “saving” fast.


It may look dark now, but I remember,

I am as God created me, perfect

I am not flawed, I am strong, and yes,

I still have some false beliefs to release.


I know I am not alone

I am the child, I am the woman on the floor.

You are right here with me, holding my hand

Lord, that’s all I know for sure today.



Melancholy Memories

Melancholy Memories


I washed the dishes…

two bowls, two cups, two spoons…

carefully placing them on the drying mat.

James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Carol King….

…. played from the radio

while you wiggled your body across the kitchen floor.

I took those moments for granted…

I always thought you would remain small.

Yesterday’s life was difficult,

now those days are forever gone.

Where the time went, I will never know,

…nor understand.

I thought as you and I grew older

life’s battles would ease up…a bit

…and they have…yet sometimes,

it just seems like, challenges change their names

but remain…and the stress is the same.

I was focused on us surviving,

one day into the next

to feed us, clothe us, to keep the lights on.

My love for you filled up not just a room

but from the earth to the moon.

Every struggle was worth it,

just to hold you in my arms.

I am quite sure you were hand- picked by God to be my son.

One of my biggest joys

was giving you a brand-new toy

and filling your life with pleasure,

like other little boys.

Now when we are together, sharing belly laughs

sharing hugs, solving life’s mysteries,

and sharing our love, near and far…

I am reminded, as I knew then,

we never really lacked anything, we

had everything we needed.

I never gave up…yeah, I was young

when you were brought into my life…but

I am assured, as I was then,

that when I held you in my arms,

…mesmerized by your blue eyes,

it was all meant to be.

So, “Let It Be” …. like when The Beatles’ song played

from my little FM radio…

while the dishes were drying,

and I tugged my little angel into bed.


For My Son, Joshua Smithmeyer

Kimberly Molyneaux

May 5, 2017