Spiritual Life Coach & Mentor

When The Client Is Ready, The Mentor Will Appear!

You may have heard the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”. It’s the same with our desire to reach out for help. Only when we tire of the old ways that are not working for us, do we seek help. The meaning of that help is different for many. It can be in positive or negative ways. Some seek help from their suffering through various addictions. When those unhelpful negative ways no longer serve a purpose, then a more authentic way of healing is sought.

Your journey has brought you here. I am so thrilled for you that you have chosen this time in your life to begin or continue your unique path and plan for your healing. We have met at this time because the Universe has chosen us to cross paths.

In aligning with my highest truth, I am fulfilling my life purpose, which is to serve others; to support them as they navigate through the results of past trauma. Since I can recall, I have been the “couch therapist” to friends, family and sometimes even strangers that have crossed my path. I offer my spiritual mentoring/life coaching experience, solely from the content of my own living testimony. I offer what I have learned and understand throughout my life journey thus far; through education, experience, and spiritual wisdom.

I simply ask that we trust one another of what is shared between us. I invite you to dive deep within yourself, discovering answers that are for the unique person that you are. I ask you to be open to your inner thoughts and feelings; not what you’ve read on the internet or was told by someone you listened to in the past. I ask this because our paths have crossed now. Perhaps, it’s time to throw out the old and start fresh with a new dichotomy. Let’s begin anew! Onward to healing and wholeness! You so deserve it!