Above All

I want to see

clearly what I am.

If I would remember who I am,

I could let go of who I am not,

of what I am not,

letting go of self- images I made up.

Some days, I remember I am That.

Other days, I succumb to the lies that I am

held hostage to false beliefs,

knowing all along I am truth,

I am charity. I am love.

Above all I want to see differently.

I want to see God in everything.

When I unite with Him, I am whole.

Every decision I have made without Him is insane.

My happiness, hopes and wishes are not unique to Him,

but a path to unite with Him.

Above all else I want to see,

then will I be free.

Kimberly Molyneaux

(ACIM L:26-30).


Update On My First Book

“Supporters ” have asked for an update on my first book to be published! Well…there is more to writing and publishing a book than I had realized! I am doing this project mostly without any “support”, meaning I am a fish out of water! HAHA

The good news is that I am learning a lot about “how to” and a whole lot about myself!  The material in the book is heart-wrenching, I must admit.

I have a great editor and an illustrator on board now. I am almost finished rewriting and compiling. The next parts are to finish the editing, put the art work in place and submit to the publisher.

Look for a May 2016 release date!

Thank you all!!