I am available for workshops and lectures. Any of the below are examples of my experience and leadership. If you don’t see one you are in need of, other topics are welcomed to discuss on a one on one basis. Please contact me for location and prices at Namaste!

Workshops Healing Traumas and PTSD through Written Word Written word, such as journaling, poetry and prose are just a few forms of expressive art therapy, to promote well-being and healing. In this workshop we will discuss life after trauma and how to continue healing our souls. Participants will have an opportunity to look back at one’s own personal history of trauma at different stages in their lives. We must accept the past as it were, but live in the future. A form of written word is an excellent way to ease the pains of what we have suffered. We will express and choose an emotion or event to write; whether it is a formed poem or prose, or a journal entry, it matters not. One may wish to write about joy, loneliness, forgiveness, all emotions are equal. It’s the release and the writing process that begins the healing or continues the healing. This is a deeply personal workshop, sharing with others is unnecessary. Now is the time to bring out the beauty of your pain and transform your trauma in the art of writing.

Getting Naked Again -Rediscovering Yourself Now That You Are Single …Again!! In this workshop we will discuss what being single again is like in the 21st Century. We will discuss what being “naked” means. We will discuss the avenues of making the transition from being in a relationship to the present state of singleness. It’s a total change of identity and lifestyle. When someone losses a spouse through separation, death or divorce, those changes can be devastating. We must gently give ourselves a break and soothe our unfulfilled dreams that we may have had in that past relationship. The time is now to begin again, but many singles don’t know how to be single when they have been a couple for so long. Tips and tools will be given to participants to begin again, and to celebrate their new journey. How to date again, dissipating loneliness, surrendering to the current condition and financial independence are a few of the topics that will be discussed. Kimberly will discuss where to meet like-minded singles. We will finish the workshop by creating a vision board. Let’s discover what your next stage of life looks like.

The Art of Forgiveness Workshop and Meditation-It’s not for them, it’s for you. The process of forgiveness is necessary to heal and move forward from our brokenness. The power of forgiveness can restore the heart and soul. Shame, quilt, blame and anger are a few of the emotions that are challenged to look at. Discover that releasing judgment of others and ourselves is the first step to forgiving those that have hurt us. Be open to allowing yourself to be empathetic, patient and compassionate to the possibility of forgiving someone that has truly injured your view of yourself. It is much healthier to release the dark and negative thoughts and feelings that we harbor. Because we are willing and able to forgive, it doesn’t mean that we condone the behavior that took place. We can forgive the person and that enables us to free ourselves being held hostage by our own unwillingness to forgive. We will end the workshop with a forgiveness meditation. This meditation will allow us to review our hurts and move into a loving more conscious being.

Lectures Grief and Loss- A Letter to My Beloved We will discuss the 40 grieving life events that most humans experience some of these at one time or another. Grief is the conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior. Loss is the state or feeling of grief when deprived of someone or something of value. The art of letter writing is a lost communication format. Feeling is the communication of the soul. We will combine this lost way of communication to write a love letter to our beloved that has passed on or no longer in our lives or that tangible item (such as loss of a career) that is no longer; letting them (it) know what we are feeling and thinking in the present moment, and depending on the circumstances of their passing, we may mindfully in a safe place, travel to the past if healing is necessary. This lecture is to reflect, review and renew our deepest emotions, such as grief, sadness, anger and loneliness, enabling to free our minds and open our hearts to a new understanding that loss is not only part of our past but growth for our souls.

The Joy of Washing DishesThe Simplicity of Mindfulness Life is so fast in our western world. The joy of washing the dishes, folding laundry, cooking and eating, for example, are lost. In this lecture, Kimberly will discuss the activity of mindfulness; of doing our everyday chores and activities. Let’s stop; practice the simplicity of focusing on the present task and simply “be” in the moment. Let’s stop “doing” and start “being”. One of the most positive changes, we as a compassionate society is be centered and surround our lives with loving activities, or non-activities, such as mindfulness.

Gratitude Revealed – Discovering gratitude in your everyday life. In this lecture we will explore what “gratitude revealed” means. Expressing gratitude freely and daily can change our world. When we communicate our gratitude to ourselves as well as to others, we free our heart, surrendering to a higher level of consciousness. When we dive into a higher level of consciousness, the rawness of feelings and a new language of gratitude is revealed to our soul. Our souls yearn to feel again, to hear our inner most private thoughts express thankfulness. A simple thank you in our communications with others in our everyday life is enough to show our appreciation of even the smallest of deeds.

Living on Purpose – Craft a Happier Sense of Self Through shared discussion, this lecture will explore ways to challenge ourselves to understand what it means to “live on purpose”. We will gently do a self-inquiry and question our journey of life thus far. We will examine our spiritual, physical, mental and emotional compasses to see if we are on track in accomplishing those ambitions and dreams that we yearn to accomplish or may have forgotten until now. You will be guided through an opportunity to experience and share in the power of living on purpose. You will learn how to set new intentions, release past self-judgments and heal failed expectations. You will craft a happier sense of self; define with intentions your goals for the remainder of the year.

Is there a topic you would like me to speak on that’s not listed? Please contact me if so. Thank you!